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Books and Contacts

A Ballad for Kitty Cockroach”   £5.00,  an ‘eco-pamphlet’ about how cockroaches might save a planet despoiled by humankind, was published  by Fair Acre Press 1/12/ 2019.  See Fair Acre website or further details.

“The Goldsmith’s Apprentice”   £9.99  was published to enthusiastic endorsements form Jonathan Edwards and David Morley (see Reviews page)  by Fair Acre Press 18/4/2018.   Winner of The Rubery International Award for Poetry, July 2018

The following  two books are also still available (see contacts):

“The English Civil War part 2”.   £7.95  Peterloo Poets

This was the very last collection accepted for publication by Harry Chambers’ Peterloo Poets press. It includes four longer poems.  The title poem questions the continuing value of Monarchy by modernising the story of the English Civil War.  And Now for my Latest Trick is a monologue featuring Harry Houdini’s death and his famous scorn for  “spiritualism”.  The Gap is a reminiscence of the East Coast Floods of 1953.  Postcards from Auschwitz sequences a collage of voices from the death camp.  There is also a section, Looking Myself Up, of shorter poems.

“A Different Kind of Smoke.”    £5.95 Redbeck

This was published by Redbeck in 2001 and consists of shorter, (many prize winning)  poems,

The following two books are out of print but can be found (see Amazon)

“A Passing Trade” – five narrative poems.  Published in 1993

Kett’s Rebellion.” – published  by Carcanet in 1982.  (What a long time ago!)

Since Peterloo Poets have stopped publishing, my latest work is represented by Nadia Kingsley at Fair Acre Press.  Her email address is [email protected]

“The Grandpa Years”  £3.95  – a pamphlet published by Fair Acre in December 2014 is available from the Fairacre Press website.

My e-mail address is: [email protected]